Ghostwood Farm


I am a biologist by training, a wildlife biologist by profession. Ghostwood Farm is two things: the culmination of a five year plan to start a chemical-free farm to raise our own food and some to sell, and our home in rural southern Indiana. (“Rural” and “southern” as adjectives to describe our location in Indiana may be redundant.)

We have chickens, for eggs and meat. We have a one acre vegetable plot. We have plans for brambles and an orchard. We have about 20 acres of woods. We have a greenhouse (sort of). All of this is a starting point, and the end point shifts almost on a daily basis. So it goes.

In addition to the farm, other interests include music of many kinds, playing guitar and ukulele, the kids (two, ages 3 and 1), waterfowl and deer hunting, cooking, sausage making, and general self-sufficiency.

Hope you stick around.

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Comment by Melissa

This is most definitely by some the way life should be lived!

Comment by Denise Wade (@sainthood)

I will stick around. Also, I’m jealous that you’re already getting more comments than me. Want to do a guest blog on farming and butchering a chicken or something?

Comment by mulligansoup

I don’t know how a guest blog would work! However, I am planning to butcher the last 8 roosters on Sunday morning. The Act usually inspires me to think in these terms, and I was already planning for Part 2 to be on domestic animals, the act of raising animals to be killed, which I am still really conflicted about.

Comment by ghostwoodfarm

The conflict is what sparks a really good introspective post.

Comment by mulligansoup

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